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How to create a PET package

Puppy linux came with PET package, sometime we can’t find PET package that we need from puppy. We can create PET package with simple step.

This usefull tip i have copy from

There is a suite of “PET tools”, scripts for creating PET packages and for converting between other package formats.

Firstly, to answer the most important question: you download a source package from the Internet, and you want to compile it then create a PET package. How?

It’s very simple: after compiling the package and you are ready to do the final “make install” step, do it this way instead:

# new2dir make install

“new2dir” is a script that will execute the “make install” and in addition will create a directory with all the installed files (and directories) in it. I don’t need to give any more details here, as the script explains exactly what it is doing as it does it.
For example, if you had compiled “abiword-2.5.6” then the above will create a directory “abiword-2.5.6-i486” with all the installed files.

The next step is also simple:

# dir2pet abiword-2.5.6-i486

This will create a PET package, file “”. That’s it, all done.

Having created a PET package, you can make it available for others to use. A PET package can even be submitted to me for possible inclusion in the “official” Unleashed suite.

Script Example Description
dir2pet dir2pet abiword-2.5.6-i486 Convert a directory to a PET package
new2dir new2dir make install Create a directory of installed files
pet2tgz pet2tgz Convert .pet to .tar.gz tarball
pup2pet pup2pet abiword-2.5.6.pup Convert a DotPup to a PET package
tgz2pet tgz2pet abiword-2.5.6.tar.gz Convert a .tar.gz file to PET package

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Puppy Linux

This is the small and fastest distro i know, and for me very usefull, because this puppy can install to my small usb, the size of this puppy just only 100 MB or less than that. For review this distro we can visit :

I already install puppy to my usb, just for emergency system if my system crash or for fun.

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Distro means Distribution

As a newbie in Linux i always try something new

We know in Linux world there are so many kind of Linux distribution (distro). I tried many kind of distro that i was downloaded from the internet, some of them are :

1. Mandriva

2. Slackware

3. Debian

4. Open Suse

5. Knoppix

6. DSL

7. Puppy

8. Slax


10. Puppy

I have already install them to my computer and laptop and some of them, i try to install to my usb flash drive, and i found that work…that really work…

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You want to know latest distribution on linux??? Visit for information the latest version of linux distros. You can also download them from link that given at

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